Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fernando Ramirez - 2011 Racing Plans and Goals

Hey Guys!!!!

Crazy winter huh?! Spring yet??? It is good to be running. Last winter I was plagued by a series of small injuries that kept me from training well. I slowly started building my mileage over the summer, jumping
into some small races, trying to use them as workouts. Now, finally, I feel pretty fit. I still have a ways to go, but I’m pretty stoked
on the steady progression. 

Training has been consistent. And…different. My wife and I own and operate a dog sled touring co. in Park City; and so most days, I trail ahead of the dogs, running along side them as my employee drives our costumers. The snow makes a challenging 8-10 miler, but I like getting off the asphalt as much as I can. I believe it also strengthens my ankles by running on uneven tracks. 

A couple of weeks ago I was itching to get into a trail race. So, I entered the Simi Valley Trail 15k. Total elevation gain of 1900ft, rocky terrain, and pure love of running. Nothing felt better than running out in God’s creation appreciating nothing but the pure joy of pain’s threshold. All the hard snow running definitely paid off. 

Some goals to aim for this summer would have to be to stay healthy, happy, try to lower some more P.R’s, and meet some awesome people along the way! Some races to come soon in April! If we happen to run in some races this summer stop by and say hi!

Run well! Spirit of the Tarahumara!!


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