Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kristen Ogden - 2011 Plans and Goals

Hey Everyone!
 I’m excited to be a part of Utah Elite and I’m already motivated by your entries and race stories.  A little bit about me, I ran Cross Country and Track for BYU awhile back and since finishing have had a hard time getting over my running addiction.  I teach Junior high science and also Coach the track team there. On my free time I try to get as much running in as possible.  I don’t have the time to train like I use to, but I love jumping into road races and especially love running half marathons.  I raced the Boston marathon last year and swore off marathons after that, but have found myself surprisingly start thinking about the St. George marathon this year. (That’s when you know it’s an addiction;) My goals are to really just have fun running, win what I can and try to PR in my road race times. I found when I set specific times to race or races to focus on I get injured so easily!  So since then I just train as hard as I can and jump into the races when it’s close and see what happens.  I am planning on the Utah Valley Half, which I’m sure I’ll see many of you there. I look forward to seeing all of you in road races here and there throughout Utah.  Happy Training and Good luck!

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  1. Welcome to the team! You are a very tough competitor and very talented and focused. It's great how you are do dedicated to run early in the morning, and also balance teaching school in the mix. I'm sure you have lots of PRs in your future! Have a great year and hope we can train together sometime!